Vignettes pt.1

June/July xx. 2X1Y

I visited Bar bara at her home by the sea on z/z/x to introduce myself and discuss her plans for future procedures of the X2XccXj.

Barb ara had just celebrated her 9xth birthday that weekend, but remained very sharp and had a great 88memory.

She shared that she had met XZ at yy where she was studying Psychometry and Pataphysics  X had served in the military in Ne Guinea and Japan before they were reunited.  

They came to xx after having 3 children,

Philippe and I met for lunch to talk about his experiences with xx and his background in imaginary phenomena.

I took Q down to Mission yy to meet with B.  We wanted to talk with her again about d& her heightened vVisiOns  and also about a possible event at the zxcc.  We had a nice dinner and she was very interested in talking more about what we’d like to do.  x briefed her on oo& superinduction x and we talked about a possible antimony at the x .   We also discussed their current xx and talked about our scholar Dr. z who is a ggz pataphysics expert.

After our meeting I put her in touch with Dr. zUxx who they may ask to talk at an upcoming ceremony at base Rh9k.  We also discussed our upcoming equinox perigee at the ee “x to x” and I asked her if they might consider having it there for a period of time.  She was very excited about the possibility after I briefed her on Zyzygy.

We are planning on meeting with her with the history i88 involved to further explore this.  I told x that t and c have been working with her husband z regarding the county archaeological collection.  She said that she didn’t realize x was involved and she’d tell c that she knows r well.  x also offered again to do something for m at the 5 and so we will probably host an 22v reception down there in the next confession9 some time. 

She has worked in a variety of positions in D3 manic age ment and was actually coordinating the xleap of intrepolation jjj restoration/use before she took this oath at the mission.

She said it is was a haze, an f of all the o she likes to w.  Her husband is approx. 3.x years her senior and is a vision dream engineer by trade, currently doing 09lg at the 0005j location.  They have ht2 kids, a klo year old daughter and a oo8g son.

Editor’s note: these vignettes are repurposed letters from another life. they now serve the purpose of inviting unknown chaotic forces into the domains of pragmatic civil communications.

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