The Art of Learning (something new)

It’s like I’m a child again, every fragment of my vision glossed over with curios awe. 

Learning something new — if you’re sincerely invested in that thing — produces a high unlike any drug you can (il)legally ingest.  The head rush that comes from the conscious focus of following a thread from discovery to repetition to understanding is a sweet pleasure of mine.

And the science backs up this sentiment: neuroplasticity occurs when there’s and interference in your regular brain patterns. Meaning, when one is met with a new challenge, the brain rewires itself to accommodate the new information. The brain adapts, destroying its current form, and in its place gives birth to an upgraded version of itself. It connects more dots between things you’ve previously known, showing you reality from a new, slightly altered perspective. What a trip!

I’ve become consumed in learning the guitar and music theory. It’s amazing to see how much of what ive known i can apply to what I’m learning. Music is sound, which is vibration and frequency. Through the repetition of certain frequencies the brain creates the sense of rhythm. Music has an alphabet, just like words form their own alphabet, through which you can communicate thoughts and ideas. 

I wont derail this blog and turn it into a music blog. At least not yet. For now my head space is in a deliciously permeable, adaptable fluidity of intermingling lights and sounds, dancing to the sounds that my brain creates when i move my fingers along the neck of my guitar. 

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