The Endless

We began to find an answer in the matter of speed, 

the key to the problem, deciphering the surroundings 

becoming part of us, becoming large blue canopies of sky, 

a primal growl promising dawn, and the difference 

between our mothers’ arm length. My waking dream 

returned to prick my left index, blood alarm illuminating 

damage. Fool acknowledging reflection. I am of use to myself 


I will always be 

The silence that follows the laughter, the spherical

foreground traversing our collective restaurant table,

our last supper before leaving this alien crowd, no longer 

Waiting on gods who don’t share our resemblance 

or distaste for sleepy breath. My spirit aches as curtains 

Fall on intermission, lights grow warm and heavy with 

feet, the weight of time accumulating: we and the world 

and the space in between. 

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