Venus in Capricorn

This peculiar rising glow of comfort 

mirroring the newborn sun’s embrace 

has been noted. I ride my bike to have 

coffee – with coconut milk – typically a no-no

but I follow my advice to be deliberate.

The air is brisk like never so my fingers 

get a sense of their mortality. This green 

beanie reminds me of gnomes, and giants,

and other underrepresented minorities.

Nature loves novelty, it gets us to mix genes 

for the purpose of furthering a colored 

ecology. What a thrill to find a partner to

sail these hard-wood seas with. I flapped my

eye-patterned wings and danced my dance,

surrendered to the moment and the fear. 

And here in my shoes the feeling rises from

deep lower spine, swirling upwards, always

upwards, fiery electric current, joyous, it’s 

origin familiar yet unknown, inviting me 

further into my body, abode of divine knowing,

seeker and carrier of secrets, happy to be. 

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