Vignettes, Pt.3

The truth is I’d like to gr0w old with you, age with you, evolve with you/ I am malleable not because I am weak/ on the contrary, the weak are stubborn/ The strong are less afraid of letting go and changing because once you accept that your possibilities are endless/ I’ve never felt tied down with you/ I have impulses and desires like other animals but I also have a soul fire that only another equal can match/ My idea of love is not attachment but cocreation, cohabitation/ I don’t think I’d ever feel limited with you in this lifetime/ I only have 60+ years to explore and love your body which is decomposes and regenerates like a Phoenix every seven years or so. I think (know) we will push and pull each other this lifetime/ The flux is exciting and so is unravelling a person like an onion as time passes/ I am a babushka doll and you help me get deeper into myself/ woman, lover, friend/

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