Vignette 004

Over the years, as I’ve become trained in the retention of Rz3d, and studied the flight of butterflies at the break of spring, I’ve aggressively applied their teachings to my own 55niner module. Even if I didn’t understand what they were saying at first, I gravitated around their instinct on faith.

I’ve applied Day Rilos Cause-root synaptic approach to our family tringle and now, throughout the month, every1 etches a mark on the tree of misappropriated deviations.

A recurring problem and its possible root cause deserves a collection of thousands of pages of notes in order to recreate in-depth briefs on PP8j models. listing out all of the potential decisions I could make and then assigning a variation on potential value, and probability to each accidental.

I’ve also labored to create an ex-periential engine that performs more than 13,000 simulations each year, finally narrowing the deliberate learning formula to a corroborated z-y symmetrical augmentation to my own surprise.

After five years of emulating the simulation I most admire, I realized something surprising was happening to my mental process. I wasn’t just unraveling new layers of consciousness. I was infiltrating a deeper, different way of perceiving reality, a hack of sorts, like I accessed hidden chambers, secret sections in the perceivable game board. When I stare back on my previous incarnation it thrills me to continue the quest of uncovering hidden or forgotten aspects to myself I didn’t know existed.

It feels like I am talking to a different person from a different location. Previously enigmatic moments of my past I can understand and over-stand, can finally find a solution. I have the tools now to solve my own problems. What can come of this for my future—and yours?

My dear fried, internalize these concepts. Stand where I am looking from and see with me the possibilities. My mind works differently now. I no longer have to worry or remind myself of how to reach this state. I live here now. I write to you from here, where we can be together. I am imagining new business plans. Envisioning social systems I cant yet speak of. Imagining the future timeline I aim to reel in, and synchronize to our own.

I once heard a teacher speak on altering a client’s perception of the world in a way that would blow their mind. When he gazed into his client’ eyes and saw them get it, he’d say, “Now, you’re in my reality!” That’s the way I feel. In due course, what we believe becomes our reality, and there is no inherent distinction, I see know, between our thoughts and the world we live in.

The yy7k fragment will shed more light on the embellished signposts I will lay soon on the way to G8ii. Stay tuned. Keep the channels open and accessible. And above all, believe. Until 55tKl..

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