Microscopic signals hovering in spacetime captured by finely tuned antennae inside your ear holes. Notre-Dame is burning they say, and now we have a composite image of a black hole, which looks like it was captured with a banana. Truth is it’s easy to get spoiled, as anyone whose left an avocado a minute too long without eating can attest. Things that give me chills, I realize now, are things I highly cherish. The feelings of seeing the world anew, with fresh eyes. Put that on your resume. She started keeping a dream journal and then one day didn’t wake up. Music, I think, reveals just how alike we all are, beneath our individual preferences. Music is the manipulation of vibrations in certain rhythms that align with the vibrations within your body. Can you feel that? The vibrations in your body. All matter is vibrating at unique frequencies. That is how we distinguish between solids and liquids and gases, and the plethora of other states we cant easily perceive. Perception is determined by the apparatus you use. The tools you have. The ears you were given, biologically speaking. Everyone hears the same words differently. We are all looking at the world through the unique filters our life-paths have created in us. Be kind. Love is the transcendent force that allows us to have a deeper connection. Be kind to those around you and notice the power of your actions. Of your words. They are like stones dropped in a body of water. Everything you say and do becomes ripples in space time. Watch your actions and intentions transform your reality. The best answer is a good question. Don’t get mad if you get disappointed. Don’t get disappointed if you find yourself getting angry. Take time to yourself at least once a day. The world is changing faster everyday. Happy are those who can see without eyes. Let them who know keep still until their names are summoned, for they have a role to play in the coming unfolding, the lifting of the veil.

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